Seasonal Macramé Wreath

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  • Handmade in Belfast
  • Made from 100% recycled cotton knotted on a metal ring
  • Includes varied seasonal adornments 
  • Measures 21cm x 40cm

All of ASTRL Fibres objects are handmade with love, care and good materials. The cord and single ply used for this wreath is made from recycled cotton. The seasonal adornments are from dried and foraged plants and will vary from wreath to wreath, it just depends on what I find!!! The beauty of this wreath is that you can keep using it throughout the year, just update it seasonal by adding fresh or dried sprigs. As the cord is from 100% natural fibres it can be gently hand washed with warm soapy water and hung to dry if soiled.

Thank you for choosing ASTRL Fibres ✌🏻