Alison Pascoe Macrame Artist

The Artist - Alison Pascoe

The ethos at the core of ASTRL Fibres is to discover innovative approaches and new perspectives on traditional craft. Professionally practicing since 2016 as ASTRL Fibres, Alison is a self-taught macramé artist with a background in fine arts. Born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Alison studied sculpture and textiles at the Alberta University of the Arts before her nomadic urge to travel led her to put down roots in Northern Ireland. Alison describes herself as a lifelong creative and is inspired by her rich family history of accomplished craftspeople. Decorative arts, geometric pattern and interior design are key themes of influence in Alison's practice. For inspiration she draws on the nostalgic contrast of her childhood landscape in a vast and landlocked Alberta, to her present coastal home in a red brick Belfast. Alison is a member of the Heritage Crafts Association, The International Guild of Knot Tyers and the Craft NI Makers Directory. She is also a member of the Decowell team of Belfast based conservation and restoration specialists.

ASTRL Fibres Macrame Studio in Belfast

The Studio - 412 Woodstock Road  

From her studio, Alison explores daily knotting techniques, an intentional practice that allows her to connect with the journey rather than the result, to ancestral legacy and mindful spaces between work and play. As a specialist craftsperson Alison recognises the importance of championing heritage crafts and a culture of skill sharing to keep ancient techniques, like macramé, in practice. A passion and desire to build a business from her craft is what led her to create ASTRL Fibres, and in 2021 Alison made the move to her own studio in East Belfast. The ASTRL Fibres studio is a dedicated workshop, learning and consultation space. To visit the studio, discuss a custom commission or purchase from the current collection please use the contact form below to book an appointment. 
ASTRL Fibres Macrame Studio

The Practice

 The practice of knot tying is a satisfying tactile experience and a mindful meditation that integrates deep relaxation alongside a high level of concentration. There is wonderful simplicity in using a single strand to create a perfectly engineered knot and a complex and decorative pattern through repetition. Alison’s passion is sharing the benefits of practicing macramé by crafting in community and facilitating regular macramé workshops in studio and throughout the island of Ireland. ASTRL Fibres contributes to a circular economy; sourcing 100% natural fibres that are biodegradable and OEKO-TEX certified, using reclaimed materials and regenerating remnants to reduce waste, packaging with recycled and compostable materials and supporting local businesses first.