Hi, I'm Alison aka ASTRL Fibres, a self taught macramé artist and a lifelong creative. After a career change in 2016, ASTRL Fibres was born. Macramé, like life, is a journey, a journey I would love to share with you. Always learning, with research and development my aim is to refine my future practice and become more sustainable with every knot.
An adventurous Canuck who ended up putting down roots in Northern Ireland, I now run my small creative business from my home in Belfast. A couple days a week you will find me surrounded by a talented community of fellow artists in my studio shop in Born and Bred 
Sharing my passion for macramé and promoting wellbeing through craft is why I love running my regular workshops, if you fancy learning the knots with me then check out Knot Club Workshops for upcoming dates or get in touch to arrange a private workshop. From me to you, with knots of love.
Alison xo