the artist

Alison Pascoe Macrame Artist

Alison Pascoe designs and makes handcrafted objects and artworks from her studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

An artist and craftsperson specializing in the practice of Macramé, Alison uses knot work and cord weaving techniques to handcrafted objects and artworks for modern spaces. Deeply rooted in generational skills, Alison's work takes inspiration from heritage textile and knot craft techniques alongside the patterns and colours found in the built and natural spaces we inhabit.  

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Alison studied sculpture and textiles at the Alberta College of Art and Design. Since 2016 Alison has facilitated workshops and tutored courses for individuals and organisations throughout Northern Ireland. Alison recognizes the importance of championing heritage crafts and a culture of skill sharing to keep traditional techniques like Macramé, in practice. Alison is a member of the Heritage Crafts Association, The International Guild of Knot Tyers, the Craft NI Makers Directory and the Decowell team of conservation specialists. 

the studio

ASTRL Fibres Macrame Studio in Belfast


 The desire to build a creative business from her craft practice is what led Alison to launch ASTRL Fibres in 2016. A few years later in 2021 Alison made the move to her own studio; a dedicated workshop, learning and consultation space located on the Woodstock Road in East Belfast.

To visit the studio, discuss a custom commission or purchase from the current collection please  get in touch.