The Studio - 412 Woodstock Road 

The ASTRL Fibres studio is a workshop and learning space dedicated to the art of macramé and heritage craft skills. Situated in East Belfast, the newly renovated studio offers a serene and light filled space to share a passion for the craft with in person workshops. An aspirational space to cultivate ideas with a bespoke consultation service. A space to develop skills and discover new perspectives on traditional craft. Ready made and custom work can be viewed in the studio by appointment and is available to view and purchase from the online shop. With a carefully considered design, each piece is one of a kind. Every knot is crafted by hand and inspired by heritage craft and contemporary design. Get in touch to book a visit.

The Artist - Alison Pascoe

Alison Pascoe is a self taught macramé artist and lifelong creative, cut from the cloth of a family of prolific and skilled craft workers. An adventurous Canadian who ended up putting down roots and starting a family in Northern Ireland, Alison navigates a creative business from the ASTRL Fibres studio. Additionally she is part of the team at Decowell Restoration - a conservation and decorative arts studio based in East Belfast. Alison studied sculpture and textiles at the Alberta College of Art and Design, explored numerous creative ventures and worked in fashion retail for over a decade. Throughout it all macramé has been a fulfilling creative outlet and after a career change in 2016, ASTRL Fibres was born. The practice of macramé is a slow journey and Alison is passionate about its heritage and innovation. A Heritage Crafts Association member, Alison plans to elevate her creative practice to include the study of endangered craft skills.  

A Sustainable Practice

ASTRL Fibres contributes to a circular economy; sourcing 100% natural fibres that are biodegradable and OEKO-TEX certified, using reclaimed materials and regenerating remnants to reduce waste, packaging with recycled and compostable materials and supporting local businesses and charities first.