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Macramé Detail

Mind Your Macramé

Here's a few handy tips and hints to keep your macramé looking epic for years to come:
Hang your macrame as soon as you get it home. Any kinks or tangled fringe will naturally fall into place, let gravity do the work. Occasional gentle brushing of fringed areas with with a detangling comb or pet brush will keep any fringe areas looking tidy. To remove dust and accumulated particles just give your macrame a gentle shake or use a lint roller, not a hoover. To remove any stains or spills use lukewarm water or a natural cleanser like vinegar to gently spot clean. Do not submerge your macrame in water as this will cause shrinkage and may cause natural fibres to felt.
Macramé Detail 
When hanging your macramé please be aware of the weight; an item such as a plant hanger will need to accommodate a potted plant so ensure your chosen location is suitable to support the weight, always using the correct hardware. Unless otherwise specified most macramé is suitable for indoor use only. Natural fibres are likely to mould if located in a very damp environment. Over time direct sunlight can bleach out coloured fibres so it is good practice to periodically rotate or choose a spot without direct sunlight to avoid this. If you have any other questions then please do get in touch.
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