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ASTRL Fibres specialises in the craft practice of Macramé, the art of knot tying. Using handcrafted knot work and heritage techniques, artist Alison Pascoe explores pattern, form and colour using a variety of natural materials and sustainable methods. From bespoke designs to restoration, the ethos at the core of Alison's practice is to discover new perspectives on traditional craft. Get in touch to discuss a commission or book a consultation.

Macramé Tapestry ASTRL Fibres StudioThe Repeated Tapestry / 63cm x 83cm / 2023 


Seagrass Woven Chair in a Checkerboard pattern
Seagrass Woven Chair / Private Commission / 2023

 Macramé Hand Fasting Cords ASTRL Fibres Studio BelfastHand-Fasting Cords / Private Commission / 2022


Rattan Cane Children's Chair
Rattan Cane Children's Chair Restoration / Private Commission / 2022
Macramé Tapestry
The Albers Macramé Tapestry / 2022 Collection


Trio of Ziggy Plant Hangers
Trio of Ziggy Plant Hangers / Commissioned by Bullitt Hotel, Belfast / 2022


large macrame wall hanging

Macramé Wall & Plant Hanging / Commissioned by Maitri Yoga Studio, Belfast / 2022


Clay and cotton macrame wall hanging

Clay & Cotton Wall Hanging / Private Commission / 2021

Macrame Wall Hanging
The Tidal Macramé Tapestry / 2021 Collection


Macramé Wall Hanging / Private Commission / 2022

Macramé Wall Hanging / Private Commission / 2021

Macramé Wall Hanging Detail ASTRL Fibres Studio Belfast

Macramé Wall Hanging / 67cm x 61cm / Private Commission / 2021


Macrame Wall Hanging

Macramé Wall Hanging / 86cm x 73cm / Cotton with Copper / Private Commission / 2020


Macrame Tapestry

Macramé Tapestry / 86cm x 79cm / Private Commission / 2020


Macrame Homewares

Love Your Home Show Exhibit / Belfast / 2019


Macrame Tapestry in the woods

Macramé Tapestry / Private Commission / 2019


Macrame Curtain with plants

Macramé Curtain Installation / 2017